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Important GPA Information - ALL STUDENTS



At MDCHS, it is important for every student to know

  1. The different types of high school GPA
  2. How to check their current GPA
  3. How to convert it to different scales


In general, there are two types of high school GPA

  • Cumulative GPA


Cumulative GPA

A student’s cumulative GPA, or overall GPA, is the total grade point average for every high school class they have taken so far. This includes not just core academic courses but also every elective course as well. Student’s cumulative GPA is what shows up on their transcript that gets sent to colleges and universities. It can be easy for students to believe in the misconception that “electives don’t really count.” That is false–every class counts, and it helps to remember that colleges and universities will indeed see every grade students make in every class in high school. 



A student’s HOPE GPA, or core GPA, has to do with the HOPE Scholarship. In the state of Georgia, students who graduate high school with a 3.0 HOPE GPA or higher (and meet the other necessary criteria) are eligible to earn the HOPE Scholarship, which covers most of in-state public school tuition. Since the HOPE GPA only recognizes core academic courses, that means electives are disregarded from its calculations. (For this reason, it is common for a student’s HOPE GPA to be slightly lower than their cumulative GPA)


Checking your current GPA

Since Donovan’s classes are year-long (as opposed to the semester schedule), that means students’ high school GPA won’t update until the end of every school year when classes are completed. For example, even though students receive semester 1 report cards halfway through the year in December, their GPA will still be the same until transcripts are updated in late May/early June. 

  • Cumulative GPA: check with the Guidance Counselor if you would like to know your current GPA or acquire a copy of your transcript
  • HOPE GPA: once you create an account on, you will be able to check your HOPE GPA on your account. It is important that your name, date of birth, SSN, etc. match what is on your school transcript so that you can view your HOPE GPA. 


GPA Scales

Donovan transcripts present students’ cumulative GPA on a 100 point scale, which is different from most high schools that use a 4 point scale. The website link below is a helpful tool in gaining an accurate representation of what your high school GPA is on a traditional 4 point scale. You may need to see the guidance counselor who can provide you with a copy of your transcript so that you can input your class grades on the website.


High School GPA Calculator