Testing - IOWA, PSAT, Pre-ACT, ACT, SAT


After a student’s grades in the classroom, the SAT/ACT score is one of the most important factors that universities consider on college applications. At Donovan, students have the opportunity to take the SAT and ACT (as well as the practice versions) on campus during the school day. As most high schools are unable to accommodate on-site testing during the school day, Donovan students have the privilege of taking the SAT and ACT in a familiar environment, which research shows to have a positive impact on test scores. We encourage students to take advantage of every opportunity with the SAT and ACT at Donovan as well as participate in the test prep support offered throughout the school year. The information below will cover test dates, costs, and free study resources.

Fall 2023 Testing at Donovan
  • August 8 & 10: IOWA Basic Skills Test (all students)
  • October 9: 9th Grade PSAT
  • October 10: 10th Grade PSAT
  • October 11: 11th Grade PSAT & 12th Grade SAT
  • October 31: Pre-ACT (9th & 10th) and ACT (11th & 12th)
        • 12 pm Dismissal on October 31st
      Spring 2024 Testing at Donovan
      • March 19: SAT (11th & 12th)
      • March 26: ACT (11th & 12th)
      • April 23 & 25: IOWA Basic Skills Test (all students)
      • April 29 – May 10: AP Exams
      SAT & ACT not at Donovan

      There are additional opportunities to take the SAT and ACT throughout the year that students can sign themselves up for. These tests are typically administered on Saturdays and are held at local public high school buildings, college testing centers, or community centers. The links below will provide upcoming dates and deadlines. Unlike when taking the tests specifically at Donovan, students interested in these additional opportunities will need to register themselves online. 

      Testing Fees

      While the PSAT and PreACT for underclassmen are considered mandatory (and free of charge), the SAT and ACT are considered optional for Juniors and Seniors simply because there is a testing fee for each exam. We always encourage students to take both the SAT and ACT, especially due the unique opportunity of getting to take the tests at Donovan. Testing fees (cash or check) should be brought to Mr. Hogan in the counselor’s office, though parents can also request test fees to be billed directly to their FACTS accounts. 

      • SAT: $60 per student
      • ACT: $50 per student
      Test Prep Resources

      Free test prep strategies, resources, and practice tests can be found at these links, though students will need to create their own accounts. Specifically with Khan Academy (SAT prep), students can link their new Khan Academy accounts with their College Board accounts in order to get more personalized SAT practice.