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Science Courses

Science Courses

Biology and Biology Honors

26.01207 | 9th grade | full year | 1 credit

Biology is a course designed to teach students the detailed workings of the cell, genetics, evolution, the diversity of life, plant structure and function, animal structure and function, behavior and ecology. This course attempts to touch on all learning styles through lecture, group activities, computer lab activities, and laboratory work.

Chemistry and Chemistry Honors

40.05107 | 10th grade | full year | 1 credit

This academic level course is designed to introduce the concepts and laboratory techniques of chemistry. The course is geared to develop independent investigation of chemical concepts and principles by enhancing critical thinking skills. This is to be accomplished through inquiry activities along with structured lecture and the active building of laboratory skills. (Prerequisite: Biology, Algebra 1, Departmental placement)

Physics and Physics Honors

40.08107 | 11th grade | full year | 1 credit

This course addresses the basic concepts of physics by covering the physical principles of force, motion, heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, quantum theory, relativity, particle physics, and nuclear physics. The course also reinforces the relationship between science and mathematics. It serves to strengthen both critical thinking skills and mathematical skills through traditional problem solving approach. (Prerequisite: Biology, Chemistry, Algebra 1, and/or co-requisite of Trigonometry, and Department Placement)

Human Anatomy and Physiology

26.07307 | 11th grade | full year | 1 credit

This course will offer a detailed study of the major organ systems, their functions and chemical processes within the human body. Students are given the opportunity to explore the organ system through dissections of animal organs and tissues, while integrating new and developing areas of study through the use of internet resources. This class is a two-semester sequence examining the structure and function of the human body and mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis within it. This class includes the study of cells, tissues and the 11 organ systems. Course is intended to be a science elective for juniors. (Prerequisite: Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra 1)

Earth Systems

40.06407 | 12th grade | full year | 1 credit

The purpose of this course is to study and investigate the sciences that seek to understand Earth and its neighbors in space. These sciences include geology, oceanography, meteorology and astronomy. This is to be accomplished through a variety of activities including projects, laboratory investigations and other inquiry activities that will serve to improve critical thinking and scientific investigation skills.

AP Biology

26.01407 | 12th grade | full year | 1 credit

The AP Biology course is designed to give students an introductory college-level course in biology. The scope of the curriculum is vast. Therefore, like a college course, students are expected to complete an independent study and research in addition to learning the material presented during lectures, discussions, case studies and the various laboratory activities that accompany each unit. The students will leave this class college ready and have a strong understanding of the concepts of biology and a clear understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of science. AP Biology is an intensive course with a strict schedule of topics and themes to be covered, including readings, quizzes, laboratory activities, and classroom activities. (Prerequisite: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Department placement).

Forensic Science

40.09307 | 10th, 11th, &12th grade | 1 semester | 0.5 credit

Forensic science is the application of scientific principles to matters of the law. Topics covered in this course include the following: investigation, evidence recovery/packaging, manner/cause of death, legal basis for search and scientific evidence, court testimony, and the analysis/interpretation of impression latent prints, drugs, fire arms, tool marks, and documents.