Fitness Courses

Fitness Courses

Personal Fitness

36.05107 | 9th grade | 1 semester | .5 credit

This is an introductory course in which the students learn the fundamental concepts of physical fitness and motor skills. The students learn through observation and participation that will enable them to improve their current level of physical fitness. Emphasis is placed on cardiovascular endurance development. Students participate in fitness related activities as well as various team and lifetime sports. In addition, students develop individual skills, basic rules and strategies necessary to become successful in various sports.


17.01107 | 9th grade | 1 semester | .5 credit

This course provides the student with a wide range of learning experiences on health related topics. As a result of these experiences, the student should have the knowledge to make and apply sound decisions regarding their own health and be able to acquire and maintain positive health behaviors and attitudes.

Team Sports

36.02107 | 10th – 12th grades | 1 semester | .5 credit

Students will become familiar with the five concepts of fitness. Students are expected to progress to a more intermediate level of sports play. Students will be more familiar with rules and strategy. Students will be able to compete in an organized setting for team and individual sports.

Strength and Conditioning

36.02207 | 10th – 12th grades | 1 semester | .5 credit

Students will become familiar with basic fitness concepts of strength and conditioning. By the end of the course students should possess an understanding of the five components of fitness, as well as an ability to participate in a number exercises.